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What do we do

Wherever you decide to run your business, BCS can help you get started quickly and easily

Our experts will be able to provide you with all the support you need, wherever you need it, in Italy and abroad, whatever the size of your business.

In addition to the " classic " services of a firm of accountants, payroll consultants and lawyers, we provide our customers with typical services of a multinational consultancy firm, such as support for internationalization, transfer pricing, financial reporting, due diligence, treasury.

We do not have standardized proposals, but customized solutions tailored on the needs of each customer, depending on its complexity, country and size.


Economic sustainability: accessible excellence

We know that everyone is going through difficult times, so we know the importance of economically sustainable solutions. We have increased our flexibility over the years, to be able to offer our customers reasonable prices: we are successful because every decision is based on a clear understanding of what we do and, above all, we believe in what we do, and when this belief is combined with our financial plans. We expect to make a fair and reasonable profit to ensure economic prosperity for our organization and offer a long-term benefit to our customers and employees.


Flexible solutions: we grow with your company

Batini Colombo Saottini wants to grow with its customers. We do not offer pre-packaged solutions, but suitable to the changing needs of the customer, which often change according to new operations or different strategies. We understand your challenges and instead of relying on a single solution provided the same way to all customers, we evaluate the needs of each to build together the solution that best fits them.

Our insistence on fully and accurately understanding the business run by the Customer makes it easier for us to adapt ourselves to its growth, while we provide the best solution for its business model and its expansion strategy, in Italy and overseas.


Explore our services



Expanding your business to a new country is always a challenge. If there are more than one countries at the same time, the challenge turns into a mission.



We offer a wide range of corporate services to companies of all sizes, thanks to teams of professionals specialized in the various areas who have accumulated over the years a vast knowledge and expertise combined with best practices and constant training.



If you decided to entrust the management of your employees' payroll to an external provider, Batini Colombo Saottini has the right solution for you.



Tax advisory is still a significant practice in our business, also due to the complexity of the Italian tax system, which makes it virtually impossible for the taxpayer to comply with all the rules without the support of dedicated professionals.

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