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Where we are

Locally relevant, globally focused

In the last 12 years the base of our customers has greatly expanded, passing from an exclusively domestic clientele to a mainly international one.

From a first experience born from the request of a foreign multinational company that invested in Italy in 2008, we have increased our expertise in the international arena, creating our professional network that allows us to assist our customers wherever their business takes them. 

We operate on all 5 continents thanks to the support of hundreds of colleagues with whom we have made lasting alliances and collaborative relationships.

This allows us to have a global vision of the operations of each customer, while remaining firmly anchored to our territory, and to continue growing even in a difficult economic context.


How do we do it?

Our business model, based on the cardinal principle of one-point-of-contact, allows us to supervise and convey all activities directed to the customer from our Affiliates.

In fact, thinking of setting up an office in any country in the world is beyond the reach of any company, ours included.

Firms with many branches often “are satisfied” with having an office, perhaps even with one person, in key countries, thus covering macro regions.

For our type of business, this would be unthinkable, as tax, labor and legal advice all require in-depth knowledge of local regulations.

This is why our business model was built on a network of affiliates, all well-established firms in the area, who know the local market well and the rules to follow, who have chosen to share our values ​​and make available to us the their knowledge and experience.

Each customer has a single point of contact for routine daily activities, which is supported by experts placed in our headquarter from the various practices advising in situations that require a deeper specialization.

Why don't we publish the names and addresses of our affiliates?

We are not a network that bases its business on simple referrals and once acquired, simply passes Client's contact to the reference office in the "destination" country: our Client has a single point of contact for daily activities located in our headquarter in Italy, which is flanked by experts of the various practices for situations that require greater specialization, which supports it for all the relevant jurisdictions, in the same language, English, and in the more convenient time.

We tend to keep the reference point unchanged for the customer to avoid wasting time linked to turnovers, keeping within one person the historical memory and full knowledge of everything that happens and happened to a single Client.



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