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Middle East

A market of great opportunities which, in order to offer the best, must be interpreted and managed the right way

When we think of Middle East, we often focus only on the wealth of the countries that are part of this area, on the business opportunities that can be seized in an environment with unlimited economic resources.

But managing a business in these countries is very different from the western one. Our support is aimed precisely at the interpretation and translation, not only linguistic, of the operating methods and customs typical of the area, so that the companies we assist can derive maximum benefit from their establishment here, in compliance with  rules and a culture so different from his own.

One example is the so-called "Islamic finance", based on some interpretations of the Koran, whose central pillars are based on the devolution of part of their earnings for charitable purposes, on the inability to obtain interest on loans, on the need to make socially responsible or lawful, non-risky and non-speculative investments.

Where we are

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Abu Dhabi

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