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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We gave a name to our Corporate Social Responsibility program: SMART. It encompasses all the activities that we promote in the area in which we live, operate and share our values with other people.

We started this project with the aim of giving back to the community part of what we draw from the environment around us. We are a for-profit organization and we know that the financial resources of local institutions are not sufficient to meet the needs of all citizens, so we started with children and young people and our modest donations are all used to improve their conditions of life, for a better life.



As of 2009 BCS is the main sponsor of the local soccer team "GSD Valentino Mazzola".


Valentino Mazzola (born in Cassano d'Adda on January 26, 1919 and died in Superga on May 4, 1949) was an Italian soccer player, in the role of striker and midfielder. Considered one of the best numbers 10 in the history of football, and for some the best Italian player of all time, Mazzola was captain and emblem of "Grande Torino", the football team recognized as one of the strongest in the world in the second half of the 40s with which he won five championships, and captain of the Italian national football team for a couple of years.

He became famous during the period spent in the Venice team where he started playing as a left wing, a role that he kept for his entire career and that made him famous abroad, to the point of being considered the strongest European player in this role.

He died at the age of 30 in the Superga tragedy.

52 years after that inauspicious event, the colors of the legendary Turin and the name of Valentino Mazzola have started to live again in the amateur team of Cassano d'Adda that bears his name.

In July 2006 the team was enrolled in the GIGC and since September of the same year has participated in the youth and first category championships. The team today consists of 17 different teams of young and very young players for a total of 300 players.


We decided to sponsor this team for its consolidated presence in the area and for the conviction shown by all its managers to teach kids not only to play football, but also respect for other players both in sport and in the life of all days.

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With our commitment we support TREVICASS Amateur Sports Society,  born in 2009 that  continued to grow until it becomes a reality in the national sport competitive world.


Multisport square

An event that, now in its third edition in 2019, gathers over 20 sports associations in Cassano d'Adda, from fencing to tennis, from skating to dancing, in a day open to the public. Everyone can try different sports and get to know the realities in the area.

BATINI COLOMBO SAOTTINI welcomed the invitation of the other sponsors of the initiative and for the first year participated and contributed to the success of the day dedicated to sport.

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