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It is clear to everyone how the Public Administration, and not only in Italy, is moving more andmore towards the digitization of all itsactivities  requiring citizens and businesses to use electronic to comply with legal obligations, from tax returns, including pre-completed ones, to the Single Communication for practices to the Register of Companies up to the latest news: electronic invoicing.

It is possible to react to this change by undergoing it  or, as we did, making the most of all theopportunities that digital offers_cc781905-5cde-3194_badd-136b-136for improvement efficiency, to reduce costs and errors.

Convinced that even the companies we assist can  take advantage of this evolution,  we have _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf able to improve not only our relationships with customers, but also their own organization.

All this without  never forget  the importance of direct contact and daily support: in the event that, for reasons related to distance or particular needs of the Customer, possible to meet, we use video conferencing and remote assistance systems that allow us  to provide our consultancy independently _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd5 to guide the Customer step step in the use of all these tools.

Our Cloud Services



With Digital Invoice it is possible:

  • create online invoices, pro-forma, estimates and transport documents in a few moments

  • import  customer data directly from the SDI thus significantly reducing the possibility of errors

  • send electronic invoices to the PA, to private individuals (B2B) and to consumers (B2C) in a simple and fast way e  fully automated.

  • compile quotations and convert them in invoice from  inviare automatically_document mail_cc781905_automatically_cc781905 by the latter.

  • customize fatture and documents to make them unique and tailored to your business: in fact, thanks to the customizable HTML templates, you can define even the smallest details.

  • thanks to the integration with il System Health Card  compile invoices, receipts and carry out the transmission of healthcare expenses directly with the same application.

There are many other functions available, contact us and we will be happy to illustrate them.



Accounting in the Cloud is the platform that allows you to management in a simple and intuitive way the accounting and invoicing, ideal for_cc781905-5cde-3194bd5 and medium sized companies also for those who have  offices abroad.


Main features:

  • Multi company: the Cloud Accounting account is specific to each company. However, a dashboard allows you to control multiple companies . 

  • Multi-user: multiple users can have access to the data in the Cloud Accounting account, for example company collaborators or our firm.

  • Multi currency: you can create quotes and invoices in foreign currencies.

  • Multi language: available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German.

  • Multi-taxation: it is possible to create companies by applying the taxation of the country in which they operate. Currently, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany are available.

  • Multi OS: the platform can be used using any type of hardware device and any operating system, all you need is high-speed Internet connectivity and a browser.

  • Constantly updated:  the platform is updated from remote without any intervention 136bad5cf58d_ by the Customer.

  • Backup and security: data is always safe thanks to the use of systems that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and persistence of all information.


Furthermore, it is possible to  to easily manage business processes such as:


  • The sale from the estimate to the issuing of the order, to the invoice and to the management of the collection cycle and the registration of documents in accounting.

  • The accounting management of purchases, contracts and deadlines.

  • The management of direct debit payments, RiBa, wire transfers via SEPA tracks and bank reconciliation.



Thanks to a platform specifically designed for the management of employees, attendance, holidays, leave and expense reports are easy to record and check.

Consultation of payslips and communications with Studio  become more fast and efficient.

Main features:

  • The administrator, the employee or the firm can access the time sheet at any time, always updated with holidays, permits and hours bank. It will no longer be necessary to manually enter data and formulas, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Each employee has his own personal archive in which to find all working documents such as pay slips, contracts, certifications and certificates  directly from his smartphone. It will no longer be necessary to request documenti to the administration, saving time and making communications more fluid.

  • All expense reports and mileage reimbursements are  collected in one place;   it is enough to create the expense category, specify_cc781905-5cde-3194_b3b-badd-136 attach receipts e ricevute:  the expense report will be created automatically and kept for its approval.



This is the firm's service that allows you to manage the digital underwriting process of documents in a simple and secure way.
It will no longer be Need to go to the Firm to sign the documents: the same can be collected  in total safety and with extreme simplicity with a phone call from your mobile phone. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Thanks to the Signature Advanced Remote (FRA) the signatory subscribes  the document with validity similar to that of the written form of the same.

In this way, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to print and physically sign the document.



Digital Box is a mobile App useful for exchanging information and documents in real time.

The dialogue between the Firm and the business customers becomes digital, all in maximum security.

With Digital Box, the firm's client can:

  • monitor key information for managing your business

  • view the electronic invoices issued and received, view and download them in a readable PDF format

  • acquire analogue (non-electronic) invoices and digitize them for subsequent automatic accounting

  • always keep an eye on all deadlines

  • digitally sign documents directly from the App

  • independently search and view the documents made available by the Firm organized by category (accounting documents, tax returns, client files, etc.)

  • upload documents in turn to send them to the Firm in an orderly manner and sign them directly from the App.



We have developed a proprietary cloud platform to which all customers, including private individuals, will be able to access in complete sicurezza from their desktop or via App, for consultation of everything processed by Studio_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (Models 730 and Unico, contracts, notules, and much more).

The Client, in turn, can upload  of all the documentation necessary for the Firm to carry out his assignment, for example  in correspondence with the tax deadlines.

The document exchange can thus take place at any time, on the most convenient days and times  comfortable for the customer and without leaving your office or home.

All the Apps related to our cloud services are available for both iOS and Android systems on the related online stores

google play.jpeg

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