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International Tax Focus - August 2023

Updated: Sep 29, 2023


ITF monthly_update_august_2023
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Italian legislation and case law

  1. Services invoiced by non-resident taxpayers with an Italian VAT number

  2. Workers employed through recruitment agencies

  3. Territorial criteria to benefit from the widow (surviving spouse) pension

  4. Justifiable refusal of withholding tax refund on dividends paid to pension funds

  5. Presumption of tax residence in EU country of origin also applies to the staff of the European Central Bank

  6. Outset of the inbound workers regime

  7. Extension of inbound workers regime limited to those who are enrolled in the AIRE

  8. Dividends received from a foreign subsidiary are subject to shared rights of taxation

  9. Entry into force of Italy-Switzerland agreement for the taxation of frontier workers

  10. Switzerland eliminated from Italian list of States or territories with preferential taxation

  11. Continuation of the tax unit regime following a merger involving permanent establishments in Italy

  12. Identification of foreign heirs without an Italian tax identification number

  13. Application of the Parent-Subsidiary directive on Italian dividends paid to parent companies resident in Switzerland

  14. Participation exemption applicable on capital gains derived by non resident without permanent establishments

  15. Foreign taxes can be credited against the Italian regional tax (IRAP)

EU legislation and case law

16. Withholding tax exemption under the Parent-Subsidiary Directive


17. Tax challenges of digitalisation: OECD invites public input on Amount B under Pillar One

18. Historic milestone to implement global tax deal

19. Signing of the Italy-Liechtenstein Convention against double taxation



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