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Hiring Employees in Qatar

Thanks to our cloud platforms, we are able to guarantee simple and intuitive human resource management, anywhere, anytime  

If you decided to entrust the management of your employees' payroll to an external provider, Batini Colombo Saottini has the right solution for you. Several small, medium and large-sized companies have outsourced their payroll management to us regardless of the number of their employees. This reduced the cost of training in-house employees and of buying  a software needed for their processing.

Processing pay slips is complicated, in any country, due to the hundreds of ever-changing applicable rules and the specific requests from both the tax and pension and welfare authorities.

We have gained substantial experience in the development of more complex pay slips, which include consideration of Stock Option or Restricted Stock Units plans, as well as any benefits and bonuses.

Thanks to our cloud platform, the management of human resources becomes easy and intuitive: detection of attendance, request of leave and permits and approval of transfers, as well as management of expenses reports, delivery of pay slips and their availability, contractual data, remuneration, holidays and residual permits are all information available on a single app, both for the employer and for the employee, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 5 different languages.

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